Consultancy & Consignment

When you wish to inquire about an antique weapon or other work of art, we can be your consultant, perhaps purchase the item or help you selling it to a specific collector or collection, since we have a wide experience in importing and exporting antique arms all over the world. Next to that, your items can be appraised and if nescassery described professionally for selling purposes.
Feel free to acquire any of these services on the contact page. 



We are Peter Andeweg and Chantal de Steur. We buy, sell and research antiques.
In 2015 we started as professional antique traders. Our main focus are antique weapons from the 19th century and older of worldwide origin. From Europe to the Middle-East, The Ottoman Empire, Africa, Indonesia and Oceania and basicly anything in between. We trive to maintain a high quality standard for our items because we believe this is the best way to connect with passionate collectors and fellow dealers. We are happily willing to respond on questions about items, collections or historical details. We proudly present you our brand-new website and hope you stay tuned! About us

A Fine Buginese Keris
A well made 13 Luk pamor blade made for a skilled leader.
An exclusive Woodstock Smallsword
Dating from around 1780
Sumatran Pedang
Horn Makara head and traditional laminated blade.

Member of the Dutch Arms & Armour Collectors Society